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name SHINODA Toko : lithographs, hand-colored » paintings 

Toko Shinoda, a well-known Japanese contemporary abstract brush painter who uses sumi ink, is also widely known as a leading calligrapher. The Tolman Collection has commissioned 320 exclusive, limited-edition lithographs since the 1970's. We have shown her work around the world.

篠田桃紅(しのだとうこう)は墨象芸術家・現代抽象画家のほか、書家としても世界的に知られる美術家です。1970年代より、ザ・トールマン コレクションは画商として篠田桃紅の320種を超える独占限定エディションの版画(リトグラフ)を発行しています。

a small film about Toko

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specially featured on April 14, 2017 on

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Prints in Stock
Ancient Dream
Setting Forth
Mystic Texts


Older Prints (One of A Kind)


Cosmos Ancient Writing, Feelings


Older Prints Suitable for Grouping
New Illusion


Longing Remembering
Large size Lithographs/ Older One of A Kind
Saga Cadenza

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