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name SHIOMI Nana : woodblock

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Hokusai's Wave ( Left )
-Happy Dog -
Hokusai's Wave (Right)
Happy Carp
The Wind Listening Platform-Day
The Moon Watching Platform-Night
Sanctuary -Gosho-
Mirror Pond -Kinkaku-
Here or There -Bridge 2001-
A Room on the Other Shore
- Screen -

No.13 Solitude
No.16 Boat

No.22 Thunder No.23 Pine Woods
No.30 Shells
No.31 Shadow
No.32 Butterflies No.38 Seat No.40 Window No.42 Garden
No.43 Sacred Ropes No.55 Prayer No.56 Pride No.58 Shrine Dogs
No.59 Tree Trunk No.65 Koetsu Box No.66 Jomon Earthenware No.68 Biwa Strings
No.79 Brush No.75 Curtain No.85 Daimonji No.86 Celebration Drink







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